My 60 pound trophy.

Anyone who follows kayak fishing knows tha Virginia has phenomenal fisheries for our sport. A lot of kayak anglers are successfully catching huge Red Drum over on the Eastern Shore. Most are over 50 pounds and exceed 45 inches. For me its tough to find the time to get out and fish for "me". With two jobs and a caretaking gig....well the planets just don't align for me to chase paper.

Yesterday things changed. I connected with a 60# pound beauty in Rudee Inlet. She took me all around the area and even almost back into the ocean. I finally got her boatside and took this photo.

My daughter is my greatest trophy and no big fish will ever take her place.

I sometimes get jealous of all these big catches in my back yard. I feel that as a guide I should be out there increasing my public image and guide prowess. But really that's not what I do. My course gets off at times, but its my family and friends that gets me back to an even keel.

I am reminded that I am a guide and a teacher, my pride comes in knowing that over 8000 people own my book. Over 200 people caught their first fish on a kayak with me. Including my daughter.

My point is don't let your personal goals affect your relationship with family and friends...because without them...you have nothing.


2013 Virginia Flyfishing Festival Weekend

This year marks the 10th year that Ive attended the Virginia Flyfishing and Wine Festival. It also happened to be my 40th birthdays as well. In true ruthless fashion we made a long weekend of it with a trip out to Rose River Farm.

The Rose was booked up so we opted to do some bream fishing and rigged up with some of Walt Cary's famous poppers.

I opted to try out my TFO Soft Hackle tenkara rod and managed a nice Pumpkinseed.

Kelly caught a nice bass.

 After the farm we headed out to Waynesboro to try some troutfishing in the South River, not love from the trout, but the chubs were eating.

 Saturday am we met up with David Gracie from Wild River Outfitters and set up the booth.

 We stayed very busy and all three of us were talking up kayak fishing.

We are luck to be able to call so of the best kayak anglers friends, here we are hamming it up with Wanda Taylor.

And of course Beau Beasley had to remind eveyone at the VIP dinner that I just turned 40.

Kelly hanging out with Lefty Kreh and John Conrad.

And of course the obligatory ending shot from Afton Mountian. It was a great weekend and be sure not to miss it next year!


Time for Shad Fishing!

Finally got around to posting the Shad Fishing show we shot in 2010. This is a lower res version, but still very cool video. Im looking forward to returning again this year. If your close to Richmond, be sure to support the 2013 MS Shad Shootout on April 13th in Richmond, VA. 


Gearing Up

Almost that time folks, we should be cranking out trips starting in May. We are already starting to book up for the Spring and Summer Holidays. Also dont forget to come see us and Wild River Outfitters at the Virginia Flyfishing Festival in Waynesboro, VA April 20-21st. See ya soon!



The Milkcrate Interview

Had a great interview with the folks at the Milkcrate. Check it out.


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