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2016 Flyfishing Festival 

Initially I was not excited about a venue change in the Virginia Flyfishing and Wine Festival Waynesboro to Doswell, VA. As a matter of fact I was dead set against it. Eventually Beau Beasley (the father of the VFFF) told me his reasons and it became clear things might just work out at the new indoor venue. The main reason being the weather, I can remember a few times the outdoor event was almost devastated by rain and wind. As 2015 became 2016 things really got ramped up and Beau really promoted the event, my social media feeds were being blown up (in a good way) daily. Beau's enthusiasm was very contagious lots of folks, including myself even became excited about the new venue. Where else can you get so many great folks to get together? Where else do you get flyfishing masters such as Lefty Kreh, Ed Jawaoroski, and Bob Clouser in one place. Not to mention fly tyiers and guides, such as Tommy Mattioli, Steve Silvero, Brian Shumaker,  Blane Chocklett, Chris Newsome, Gary Dubiel, Chuck Kraft, Patrick Fulkrod, Walt Cary, Scott Cesari, William Heresniak, Rob Snowhite, Scott Striker and many more, all in one place? How about Temple Fork Outfitters, Orvis, 3-Tand, Hardy, Flymen Fishing Company, Wet a Hook, Allen Flyfishing, Ball and Buck, Patagonia, Scientific Anglers, SmithFly, SCOF, Winston Flyrods, Yeti Coolers, RexFly, NuCanoe, Bote boards, and too many more to list. Retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Wild River Outfitters, East Coast Paddleboards, Mossy Creek Flyfishing, and Greentops. I am sure I missed a few, but you missed them all if you didn't attend.

The amount of new and young folks taking the intro classed was amazing, I am wowed by the shear numbers of folks getting into the sport. Even our first Kayak demo in the casting area was well attended. I shared the pool with NuCanoe pro Joe Mahler. Having two takes on kayak flyfishing made for a great presentation and the crowd loved it! See the slide show below for some highlights!

I have no doubt the Virginia Flyfishing and Wine Festival will continue to grow in Doswell, and I am glad we stayed on board. I look forward to the bigger and better April 2017 event, and you should too. 

See you there.


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