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Legends of the Fly 2016

Legends are made by actions, not by words. This past weekend's Legends of the Fly really stood true to this statement. Alot of folks worked very hard to make this event the greatest yet. Big Kudos to Art Webb, John Fall, Kyle Sawyer, George Hughes, Kevin Debois and Trent Fallin for doing their part to make this happen. Also to all those who volunteered their time, from casting to fly tying, to manning booths and even emergency clean-ups, a huge THANK YOU! And last but not least, thanks to all the sponsors for their great contributions, you are all Legends in my book!

To the Able Women, it was awesome to see you all spreading your love for the sport. From your morning with the Girl Scout "Petals" to the busy afternoon casting sessions, you all showed why you are truly "Able Women". Your stories caught the hearts of your audience, and your instruction inspired many to try flycasting. You made the event everything we set it out to be! Meredith McCord, Jessica Callihan, Rebekka Redd, Kami Swingle, and my sister Captain Kim Smith, you all have my admiration, appreciation, and respect. You made the Legend of the Fly one of the best yet. 

If you misssed the event please check out the slide show below. Enjoy these great images and we will see you next week!

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